GameStrategy Slime Castle - Idle TD

Slime Castle Mod APK 1.0.10 (Unlimited Money/Gems/High Damage)

Slime Castle Mod APK 1.0.10 (Unlimited Money/Gems/High Damage)
App Name Slime Castle - Idle TD
Latest Version 1.0.10
Last Updated
Publisher Azur Interactive Games Limited
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Strategy Strategy
Size 344.54 Mb
  • Unlimited money/Gems
  • High Damage
  • Mod menu
  • god Mode
Google Playstore Google Playstore

3.2 Rating (461) Votes


Slime Castle Mod Apk is a new Tower Defense game where players defend slime castle. The game storyline takes place in a magical world where slimes are more than just cute creatures; they are also strong allies. You are the ruler of the slime world and your main objective is to build and protect a castle, find out about its secrets, and keep the peace in your kingdom.

The kingdom of Slime Castle is enormous and full of wonders. Your slimes can explore new areas, gather treasures, and encounter other players.

Resources sustain your kingdom. Gold, gems, and other materials are needed to upgrade your castle and slimes.

Combat in Slime Castle is exciting and strategic. You’ll lead your slimes against diverse enemies utilizing a variety of tactics and powers to win.

Fight Evil enemies in Slime Castle Mod APK

Slime Castle Mod APK (Unlimited Money/Gems/High Damage)

Slime Castle Mod APK offers an Auto-battle feature that allows the game to automatically shoot weapons during combat. This lets you control your slimes while fighting foes without bothering about weapon controls, saving time and making grinding more efficient.

Evil Enemies are the primary antagonists in Slime Castle. These wicked and strong beasts want to destroy your castle and upend your entire kingdom.

Evel Enemies have different strengths and weaknesses, knowing your enemy is half the battle.

The best way to protect yourself from Evel Enemies is to have a strong defense. Fortify your fortress with strong walls, protective towers, and traps to slow down and damage incoming enemies.

A good offense might be the best defense. Launch preemptive strikes on Evel Enemies to surprise and weaken them before they reach your castle.

Building defenses, training slimes, and improving your fortress require resources. To strengthen your army and defenses, gather gold, gems, and other resources.

Your slimes are your primary defense. Improve their skills and prepare them for challenging battles. You can train each slime to get the most out of its unique powers and magic.

Most slimes have powerful abilities & magic that can influence battle. Master these powers, whether it’s a powerful assault, healing spell, or defensive barrier.

Different Worlds In Slime Castle Mod APK

Slime Castle Mod Apk has different worlds. Players can unlock and explore worlds with different environments, creatures, and rewards. Adventure and discovery abound in these worlds.

Slime Castle worlds are unlocked by completing quests or reaching certain milestones. After unlocking a world, you can visit it anytime to continue your adventure.

The Mystic Forest

The Enchanted Forest has towering trees, sparkling rivers, and hidden woods. Nature and magic blend to create a peaceful, eerie location.

Enchanted deer, mischievous fairies, and dangerous tree guardians inhabit the Enchanted Forest. You must avoid magical traps and navigate through thick forests.

The Frozen Tundra

The Enchanted Forest is very different from the Frozen Tundra. The world is frozen, with blizzards and glaciers. This world’s icy expanses and sparkling ice tunnels are beautiful.

Beware of ice golems, frost wolves, and snow goblins in this cold world. You must also reheat your slimes due to the intense cold.

The Volcanic Caves

Volcanic Caves are dangerous and fiery. Lava flows, magma pits, and volcanic outbursts define this deadly landscape. Heat and danger reign here.

Magma creatures, fire drakes, and lava elementals await. Traveling on unstable terrain in the heat needs experience and planning.

The Death Desert

The sun-drenched Mystic Desert has ancient ruins, sand dunes, and magical oases. The realm is full of mysteries and dangers.

Sand elementals, desert bandits, and huge scorpions inhabit this harsh world. Survival is difficult in the heat and swarms of evil enemies.

Enhancing Abilities

Leveling up your slimes makes them stronger and more combative. Stronger slimes can combat tougher evil enemies and do more harm.

Your slimes gain abilities and powers as they level up. Your slimes can use these abilities to defeat adversaries and conquer challenges.

Higher-level slimes survive better. They can take more damage and perform better in prolonged battles, keeping them useful in your team.

Slimes need XP to level up. Every battle and objective earns XP, which levels you up.

Focus on XP-rich activities. Quests, events, and strong adversaries are great methods to gain XP quickly.

Collect Equipment & Utilize Powerful Skills

Slime Castle Mod APK (Unlimited Money/Gems/High Damage)


You have to equip your slimes with legendary equipment and potent magic skills to overcome several challenges and evil enemies. These are essential for defeating tough adversaries and progressing through stages.

Legendary equipment significantly boosts your slimes’ combat abilities. Slimes with legendary swords, shields, and armor are able to cause massive damage and endure powerful strikes.

Many legendary weapons have special powers that can change the game. These powers may include powerful assaults, defensive buffs, or other strategic advantages.

These Legendary equipment are rare and come in various types, including weapons, armor, and accessories.

Dungeons are great places to find rare equipment. Grinding in these areas not only provides experience points but also increases the likelihood of loot drops.

Magic Skills

Slime Castle magic includes fireballs, lightning strikes, shields, and healing. Each magic skill can change your strategy substantially.

Combat is more versatile with magic. Magic abilities can help you adapt to diverse combat scenarios, whether you need to do massive damage quickly or defend your slimes.

Spellbooks are the main means for discovering magic. These books are found in treasure boxes, mission rewards, and in-game shops.

Once a magic skill is learned, continuous use and training are necessary to master it. The more you use a skill, the more powerful and efficient it becomes.

Combining legendary equipment with great magic powers can boost slimes’ battle effectiveness. A slime with a fire-resistant shield and fireball spell can better fight and retaliate against fire-based enemies.


Slime Castle Mod Apk is an interesting game where you embark on thrilling quests in a whimsical world filled with slimes. You must conquer enemies, explore different worlds, and defend your castle. The mix of strategy, adventure, and originality guarantees unlimited pleasure.

The game has many lovely creatures known as slime with unique powers and personalities. Every slime creature—from valiant knights to mystical mages—adds personality to your gameplay.

Slime Castle’s environment is a vibrant, colorful world filled with slimes and evil enemies. Each detailed environment, from verdant forests to gloomy dungeons, has varied challenges and rewards. The game emphasizes exploration & battle due to its immersive environment.

Success requires managing resources, upgrading your slime powers &n magic, defending your castle, and destroying evil enemies.

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