Rollercoaster Mania Mod Apk V1.5.15 (Unlimited Money)
Rollercoaster Mania Mod Apk V1.5.15 (Unlimited Money)

Rollercoaster Mania APK + MOD v1.5.15

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Overview Information

Name Rollercoaster Mania
Publisher Noisy Duck
Category Simulation
Version 1.5.15
Size 49.69 MB
Requires Android 4.0
Updated On
Build your own amusement park! Attract visitors with roller-coasters and shops.

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Rollercoaster Mania Mod Apk is a fun micro-management game in which you construct your amusement park from the ground up. 

You have the ability to construct dozens of unique objects within your amusement park while you play RollerCoaster Mania. These include balloon stands, restaurants, ice cream parlors, motels, souvenir shops, Transport rides, Roller coasters, Flat rides, and more. The roller coaster, on the other hand, is without a doubt the most popular ride in your amusement park.

When it comes to designing your very own roller coaster, the number of possibilities at your disposal is practically limitless. You are free to design the course and tracks of the roller coaster in any way you like, setting the direction and gradient of each of the rails along the way. Additionally, you have the ability to personalize not only the name of the roller coaster but also the cars that your customers will ride in.

What could possibly be a more enjoyable experience than going on a rollercoaster? Obviously, constructing your very own rollercoaster! The strategy and simulation video game, which was developed by Noisy Duck, can assist you in accomplishing the aforementioned goal. You will be able to become a rollercoaster tycoon if you play this game since it will allow you to construct your own rollercoaster.

Description of Rollercoaster Mania Mod Apk

The simulation game Rollercoaster Mania Mod Apk is based on the concept of operating a theme park, and it offers players a brand-new take on the classic gameplay elements that you will love.

The aim of Rollercoaster Mania is for the player to develop and run their very own amusement park. In order to keep your amusement park running well, you will need to recruit additional employees, expand your existing facilities, and construct additional tourist sites. There are two different game modes available: Career and Sandbox. During the career mode of the game, you will be tasked with achieving a variety of objectives. The levels of difficulty are used to rank and categorize the goals.

In contrast to the career mode, the sandbox mode does not require you to complete any objectives, thus you are free to let your imagination run wild. You may, alternatively, concentrate on building the most incredible roller coasters and theme parks that your imagination can conceive of.

Even though the idea behind Rollercoaster Mania is a little bit restrictive, the game is still an excellent management and simulation game that lovers of those types of games will like playing. The sandbox option will undoubtedly spark the ideas of imaginative creators, who will also benefit from its inclusion.

Rollercoaster Mania gameplay

After you have launched Rollercoaster Mania Mod Apk, you will be presented with a brief tutorial that will demonstrate how to get started with the construction of your theme park. To begin, you will need to create a route that your guests can follow while they explore the area. Put your artistic skills to use in this situation; the layout of your park and how you choose to use the space that has been allotted to you are totally up to you.

It is not enough to simply construct the ride itself in order to prepare it for use. You will need to install an exit so that your guests can go out of the machine and back into the real world after their experience. In addition to this, you will need to put up a ticket booth where people can go to purchase tickets. In addition to this, you will need to construct a queue line that is distinct from the main path, but still connected to it and leads to the ticket booth.

It would take five workers to construct an attraction like a ride. Since you are only given a maximum of 15 workers at any given time, you are free to construct as many rides as you possibly can at the same time so long as the queue does not become full. Naturally, you have the option to permit the construction of the ride with fewer than 5 people; however, doing so will need more time.

You can also put up food stands such as hotdog stands, rice and chips concessionaires, and lemonade vending machines in addition to having roller-coaster attractions in your amusement park. In contrast to the rides, the shops at your theme park will require constant management from you because they may eventually run out of items to offer to guests.

Connect Rollercoaster Mania to your Facebook

Rollercoaster Mania is a Facebook game, this is where the game’s emphasis on social interaction becomes most obvious. Certain rides will demand you to have specialized equipment and resources, which you can only acquire by traveling to the theme parks of your friends or by sending in-game requests to your friends asking them to deliver them to you.

You can alternatively complete the trip without requesting any resources by making use of a unique form of currency within the game; however, this form of currency is non-renewable and can only be purchased with actual money.

If you go with the second option, a garbage truck will be waiting for you at the entrance of the park where your friend works. You will be given material if you click on the dump truck, after which you will either be able to proceed to the next park or return home.

Rollercoaster Mania graphics

Even though the graphics of the game are starting to look a little bit obsolete, it still has some incredible features that more than makeup for it. For instance, the game provides you with a CoasterCam, which enables you to “ride” the rollercoaster that you have created. In spite of its obsolete graphics, the game nevertheless manages to give the player the impression that they are riding an amusement park roller coaster. You can also populate your park with a varied variety of themed objects, giving you even more options.

All of the Original Features, Along with Many Others

Rollercoaster Mania Mod Apk includes everything that is to be found in typical tycoon games, including all of their features. There are numerous new scenarios to present you with a challenge, in addition to new items such as toolkits that allow you to design and customize rides and rollercoasters within your park. You have the option in this game to construct your ideal amusement park in a variety of settings, including soothing forests and frantic commercial zones, both of which are available to you as choices.

There is a variety of rollercoaster layouts available for use, and for those gamers who are more imaginative, there is also a construction guide that can be followed step by step to make the ride of their dreams. In this famous simulation, ensuring that your customers are satisfied while also maintaining a healthy balance between your money and your employees is just as crucial as it has always been.


This management game is still a fan favorite, and it features colorful graphics (even though obsolete) that contribute to the game’s overall fun factor. The experience of creating your very own theme park from the start is just as entertaining as it was back in the day, and this updated version includes all of the elements that were considered to be the most valuable in the earlier games. There are different scenarios and missions available, which will keep your creative juices going thanks to the additional expansion packs that are available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I play Rollercoaster Mania Mod Apk on my mobile device?

Yes, Rollercoaster Mania Mod Apk is compatible with various mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Does Rollercoaster Mania Mod Apk require an internet connection to play?

While some features may require an internet connection, the game itself can be enjoyed offline.

How often are updates released for Rollercoaster Mania Mod Apk?

The developers regularly release updates with new features, bug fixes, and improvements.

Can I share my rollercoaster designs with other players?

Absolutely! Rollercoaster Mania Mod Apk encourages players to share their designs and explore the creations of others.

Are there in-app purchases in Rollercoaster Mania Mod Apk?

The modded version of the app may offer certain items or features as in-app purchases, but these are optional.

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