Race The Sun Mod Apk v1.29.2 (Unlimited Life)
Race The Sun Mod Apk v1.29.2 (Unlimited Life)


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Overview Information

Package com.flippfly.racethesun
Publisher Flippfly Llc
Category Action
Version 1.29.2
Size 64.72 MB
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Life
Updated On
You are a solar powered craft. The sun is your death timer.

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Race The Sun Mod Apk is a solar-powered spacecraft racing arcade game. The sun is basically setting, and your main objective is to rush toward it while dodging obstacles and collecting power-ups.

Race The Sun Challenge Edition controls are easy in fact this is what makes the game more interesting and easy to play again and again. Hit screen edges to turn your spaceship. Hitting the bottom of the screen occasionally gives you speed-boosting power-ups. Avoid whatever obstacles you encounter.

Race The Sun Challenge Edition starts with one spaceship. After collecting crystals, you can choose from more than six spaceships and vivid paths. You can also unlock crystal magnets to make picking up expensive stones easy.

Race The Sun Challenge Edition is a fast-paced arcade spacecraft racing game with great visuals, sound, and touchscreen controls. A great Android game to play while in a boring class or workplace.

As mentioned earlier, in this Solar-powered world, you race the sunset. You face daily procedural adjustments. You collect speed boosts to accelerate and temporarily reverse time. Increase your score and endure as long as possible without running out of daylight or breaking. For a change, join an asynchronous relay race.

The Simplex World Creator, included in the game, lets players create new game modes or change current ones and share them on a user world’s interface. The game has a challenging setting named Apocalypse with a comprehensive player leveling system with 25 player levels and loads of missions. Customize your spacecraft with faster turns, shields, and decals as you unlock stuff. Enjoy the game!!

Race The Sun Challenge Edition: Gameplay

In this game, you simply Race the Sun. The title’s name is its greatest strength. After a successful Kickstarter, this game takes on a popular runner genre on Android platforms with little fanfare. But are its simple controls satisfying, or should they be improved yet?

This indie is an endless runner game comparable to Temple Run, Subway Surfer, and Alto’s Adventure but with more freedom. As the title says, your goal is to reach the sun as rapidly as possible while avoiding the many obstacles you find on your way. Your ship will explode into smoke if you hit one of the many impediments.

Your craft is solar-powered, so avoid the obstacles’ shadows. As the sun sets, shadows grow, making survival harder. Unsurprisingly, this ludicrously delightful and addictive gameplay works well in short bursts, making it great for your Android phone.

The levels are unlimited and randomly created, but they refresh every 24 hours, giving you time to grasp the layout and enough diversity. Many power-ups aid you. One speed up your ship, another lets you jump over barriers, and the third is a shield that deploys if you make a mistake. Finally, warp tunnels in the levels take you to the next region or a bonus stage where you gather tons of money which you can use to make upgrades.

The game missions add structure and give you something to do besides the objective of obtaining high scores. Some objectives need you to fly specified distances within certain limitations, while others require you to consume power-ups. Leveling up unlocks ship upgrades, increases the base multiplier, and adds additional game types.

The game is straightforward. Its major strength and weakness is that it can be described in a single statement. This is game minimalism, for better or worse. The core is fascinating and visceral, therefore there’s no need for any complex gameplay updates or whatsoever,

Presentation is typically stark and austere. Power-ups add color to the greyscale world of sharp polygons. As you approach your death, the soundtrack’s raucous symphonic songs intensify. These songs fit the action, but they’re forgettable.

Game modes

The game has three modes. Apocalypse differs only in color palette and difficulty from Race the Sun. Labyrinthe, the last option, slows your ship and pulls back the camera as you navigate a more complex maze. These formula adjustments are fun but don’t last.


Race the Sun Mod Apk Unlimited Life interactively proves that simplicity is the greatest sophistication. Despite its simplicity, this game is stressful, rewarding, and hypnotic.


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What's Latest New

- Added new "Mystery Boxes" to the world. Each is worth 5 Tris and instantly increases your multiplier by 1. Additionally, they can be opened on the home screen for a variety of prizes! - Added a "revive" option in response to your feedback! (with a separate leaderboard) - Added a new "Quads" currency (for revives) - Added a timed XP Boost - open Mystery Boxes to get one! - Fixed bug in "Might need a hangar" achievement - Sunset music now ends if the sun gets high enough in the sky.

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