Ninja Raiden Revenge Mod Apk v1.6.5 (Premium Unlocked)
Ninja Raiden Revenge Mod Apk v1.6.5 (Premium Unlocked)

Ninja Raiden Revenge APK + MOD Everything Unlocked v1.6.5

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Overview Information

Name Ninja Raiden Revenge
Package com.TendaGames.NewNinjaRaidenRevenge
Publisher Tenda Games
Category Adventure
Version 1.6.5
Size 52.14 MB
Requires Android 4.1
MOD Features Everything Unlocked
Updated On
A fast paced ninja action with hack 'n' slash, RPG and puzzle adventure elements

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Ninja Raiden Revenge Mod Apk is an entertaining 2D action platformer game inspired by the game Shadow Ninja which takes place in a fascinating fantasy world that has a taste of Japanese theme.

Ninja Raiden Revenge has very simple gameplay: as a ninja, all you have to do in this game is to stop the Apocalypse from happening. Your only weapon is katana and a handful of shurikens, and you must explore the deadliest temples, abandoned towns, and bamboo forests for Orochi, a giant eight-headed snake that has awoken from a 1000-year slumber and is destroying everything in its path. And there is no sign of the snake stopping from destroying the world. You must pass through 96 levels and fight a variety of adversaries as you advance the path of the snake.

Ninja Raiden Revenge plays like most smartphone platformers: so basically the controls are simple all you have to do is tap the directional arrows to move left to right. Unlock new and powerful powers for your characters that you can use against tough and dangerous adversaries.

Ninja Raiden Revenge is not a simple game as it may seem it is challenging even for seasoned gamers because as you advance the levels become tougher just like in Shadow Fight even though they have different gameplays but the mechanics and graphics are somewhat similar.

Description of Ninja Raiden Revenge Mod Apk

In Ninja Raiden Revenge Mod Apk, your player’s name is Raiden, a tough and smart ninja warrior. You must undertake a difficult journey to avenge all the bad things that have been done by Orochi (A dreadful eight-headed snake) and save the world from getting destroyed.

As you play the game will fight different enemies and dodge a variety of traps.  There are 96 stages and 8 bosses that you must pass through before reaching Orochi.

We all know that Japanese ninjas in movies have become video game figures for a long. Scorpion from Mortal Kombat is a good example. Ninja Raiden is very similar to Scorpoin and he is pitted against hundreds of foes that he must kill. This game is very interesting because it reminds me of the aesthetic of Shadow Fight and gameplay that is comparable to Ninja Arashi 2. Tenda Games developed this RPG game.

Unlike other games where a player is offered the chance to choose from a variety of characters, this isn’t the case in Ninja Raiden Revenge because  Raiden and Kata are the only possible characters you can choose from. The only thing you can do is rank up the HP, Defence, Attack, Crit rate point, and Crit damage point of these two characters.

You can also change Costumes—Your character’s attire. Some can be purchased with gems, while others require cash. It also boosts hero stats based on the style of the fight.

As mentioned earlier, Katana is the only Weapon that is used to defeat foes. Upgrades boost Strike and Crit rate points. Use Thunder Slash to make your hero unforgettable and increases damage with your primary weapon, Katana. Buy and upgrade your player’s skills.  The Frame Tornado skill turns you into a four-second fire tornado that attacks all foes that are in close range. You can see the importance of such skills.

Some Gear such as gloves, boots, pants, helmets, armor, and rings all increase your character strength and fighting skills.

Game modes

Ninja Raiden Revenge Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked)

Dark Tower – You will Battle numerous adversaries on each floor of the tower to test your fighting abilities. Passing through these tough levels gets you gems and new items. Replaying these levels requires a Tower Pass.

Adventure —This is the main game mode and the most interesting where you fight various enemies in each stage before advancing to the next. Each of its four segments ends with a boss fight. You’ll also get three shurikens until you finish the tasks. Remember fighting bosses requires you to have the strongest skills and an effective strategy because they are super strong.

Gameplay and Controls

In Ninja Raiden Revenge, you step into the shoes of a skilled ninja on a quest for vengeance. The game combines fast-paced combat with platforming elements, creating a challenging and immersive experience. As you progress through the game, you’ll face hordes of enemies, powerful bosses, and treacherous obstacles.

Controlling your ninja is intuitive and responsive. Swipe and tap gestures allow you to perform various attacks, jumps, and evasive maneuvers. Mastering the controls is crucial for success, as you’ll need to execute precise moves to defeat enemies and overcome the game’s demanding obstacles.

Boss Battles and Challenges

No ninja journey is complete without epic boss battles, and Ninja Raiden Revenge delivers in this aspect. Throughout the game, players will face off against formidable bosses that test their skills, reflexes, and strategic thinking. These larger-than-life encounters require mastering attack patterns, identifying weaknesses, and exploiting openings to emerge victorious.

The boss battles in Ninja Raiden Revenge are intense and exhilarating, providing a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when defeated. Each boss has a distinct personality, unique abilities, and a rich backstory, adding depth and immersion to the game world.

Weapons and Abilities

To aid Raiden in his quest for revenge, Ninja Raiden Revenge offers a wide array of weapons and abilities. From classic ninja tools like shurikens and kunai to powerful swords and mystical artifacts, players have the tools needed to unleash devastating attacks and overcome even the toughest adversaries.

As you progress through the game, Raiden gains access to powerful abilities and upgrades. Master the art of stealth, harness elemental powers, and unlock special moves that turn Raiden into a whirlwind of destruction. Experimenting with different combinations of weapons and abilities adds depth to the gameplay, allowing players to develop their own playstyle and strategies.

Visuals and Sound Design

One cannot discuss Ninja Raiden Revenge without acknowledging its stunning visuals and immersive sound design. The game’s graphics boast intricate details, vibrant colors, and fluid animations that bring the world to life. From the lush landscapes to the intricate character designs, every visual element contributes to the game’s immersive experience.

The sound design of Ninja Raiden Revenge is equally impressive. The clash of swords, the whistling of shurikens, and the ambient sounds of the environments create an immersive audio backdrop. The music complements the action, ranging from atmospheric melodies to adrenaline-pumping tracks that intensify the gameplay experience.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Ninja Raiden Revenge

To become a true ninja master in Ninja Raiden Revenge, consider these tips and tricks:

  1. Timing is Key: Pay close attention to enemy patterns and attack timings. Learning when to strike and when to evade can make all the difference in challenging battles.
  2. Upgrade Wisely: Utilize your resources strategically. Prioritize upgrading your ninja’s abilities and weapons to maximize your combat effectiveness.
  3. Explore Thoroughly: Don’t rush through the levels. Take the time to explore hidden areas and collect power-ups and bonuses that can significantly enhance your abilities.
  4. Study Boss Patterns: Boss battles can be tough, but they have distinct patterns and weaknesses. Observe their moves carefully and exploit their vulnerabilities to emerge victorious.
  5. Practice Makes Perfect: Like any skill, mastering Ninja Raiden Revenge requires practice. Take the time to hone your reflexes, improve your combat techniques, and experiment with different strategies.
  6. Utilize Stealth: Infiltrate enemy territories using stealth to gain the upper hand. Surprise your enemies with silent takedowns and avoid unnecessary confrontations.
  7. Experiment with Combos: Mix and match different combos and abilities to discover powerful attack combinations that suit your playstyle.


With Ninja Raiden Revenge Mod Apk, you can unleash your inner ninja and embark on an epic journey filled with action, adventure, and vengeance. The modded version offers enhanced features and benefits that take the gameplay to new heights, providing an immersive and thrilling experience for all players. So, grab your katana, sharpen your skills, and get ready to become the ultimate ninja warrior in this captivating game.


Can I play Ninja Raiden Revenge Mod Apk on iOS devices?

Unfortunately, Ninja Raiden Revenge Mod Apk is only available for Android devices.

Does the modded version require root access?

No, you can enjoy Ninja Raiden Revenge Mod Apk without the need for root access on your device.

Does the modded version support multiplayer mode?

No, the modded version of Ninja Raiden Revenge does not support multiplayer gameplay.

Can I play Ninja Raiden Revenge Mod Apk offline?

Yes, the modded version can be played offline without an internet connection.

Are there any in-app purchases in the modded version?

No, the modded version offers all resources and enhancements for free, eliminating the need for in-app purchases.

How frequently is the modded version updated?

The frequency of updates may vary. Keep an eye on trusted sources or forums for information about the latest updates.

Can I transfer my progress from the original game to the modded version?

Unfortunately, progress transfer between the original game and the modded version is not possible. You’ll need to start fresh in the modded version.

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