Internet Cafe Simulator Mod Apk V1.8 (Unlimited money)
Internet Cafe Simulator Mod Apk V1.8 (Unlimited money)

Internet Cafe Simulator APK + MOD Unlimited Money v1.8

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Overview Information

Name Internet Cafe Simulator
Package com.CheesecakeDev.InternetCafeSimulator
Publisher Cheesecake Dev
Category Simulation
Version 1.8
Size 253 MB
Requires Android 4.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Updated On
Create the world's top internet café! Within the game, you can build up and run a complete workplace.

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Internet Cafe Simulator Mod Apk is a game that is filled with fun and gameplay that is well crafted by the developers. Following its massive success in the Windows version, the developers decided to port it for mobile phones and it was not a bad idea at all as the game currently is liked by many users with decent downloads and ratings on the Google Play Store.

The game revolves around establishing and managing an Internet cafe and making money. But mind you there are other side missions that you must complete in order to attract new clients and satisfy regular customers.

Internet Cafe Simulator’s 3D graphics aren’t as good as PC’s, but they’re not bad at all. You can do a lot of activities in your cafe like buying new products in order to get the store’s greatest video games, computers, printers, gaming computers, digital clocks, and many more.

Internet Cafe Simulator Mod Apk also requires you to manage visitors and satisfy them with your expertise. Since your shop has many sections, there is a security guard on duty that assist you in determining whether a person is allowed to enter the shop or not, and the security can also help you prevent customers from entering particular areas of the shop that is only meant for you and your staff workers.

Internet Cafe Simulator Mod Apk lets you run an Internet cafe and decorate it with the newest technological trends. These improvements and decorations of the facilities will surely attract hundreds of customers who will wait in long lines just to use the services that you provide. Okay, that is all about the game but if you need more details continue reading…

Description of Internet Cafe Simulator Mod Apk

Internet Cafe Simulator by Cocopo simulates running an internet cafe. The game lets you construct a persona sandbox by not restricting you to managerial activities.

Internet Cafe Simulator Mod Apk allows you to operate a cafe and more. You can accomplish various things in this simulation game with beautiful cartoon-like graphics.

This game’s lack of specific gameplay is one of its best features. You can go home, shop, relax, socialize, carry out criminal activities, and more while running the cafe.

If everyday tasks boring you, try a shady business deal with all its repercussions.

The game revolves around your cafe. You also have several choices to develop your business and establish many other sites for extra money.

In today’s world, Esports games have become famous through internet cafes. So it is up to you to buy and set up high-end computers Inant for heavy gaming in your cafe in order to attract gamers. Note that buying such items will require you to have a lot of money which you have gathered from other services that you provide in the Internet Café. This plan can make you succeed or fail in the business.

To make your internet café the finest in town, you’ll have to make tough decisions, handle money, and attract new customers.

Customer satisfaction mostly comes from service upgrades such as the provision of new games, apps, and other software in the Cafe. That will increase the chances of your customers coming back and attracting new customers faster.

If you’re struggling to get new customers due to bad reviews, you can pay for positive shop reviews which will in turn increase the chances of getting new customers.

Even though it’s single-player, the gameplay will keep you entertained for hours.


Internet Cafe Simulator Mod Apk (Unlimited money)

Internet Café Simulator, like most simulator games, pushes you to work out its mechanics. In this game, you first start the cafe house, and from there on out, you are completely on your own to do whatever you want in order to expand your business and succeed. Gradually as you play, you will earn money and reach a stage where it is time to build an actual cafe enter and establish your business to new heights.

After acquiring an actual café building, you can not start making all the necessary things that will earn you money like selling online games and even carrying out shading businesses like selling guns and many other products. Note that you have to always bring new items to your cafe shop in other to sell them to customers. After you buy something that you want to sell, it will be delivered to the cargo area for you to take to your café.

Once you fully open your café will all the necessary products, customers will begin to patronize your business and if they like your services, they will come back and new customers will also patronize before you know it your cafe will expand. Internet Café Simulator, despite its name, is somewhat like a life simulator too because  Several game components require you to go home and eat or sleep or even engage with the game outside of the café like before side missions some are shady and associated with crimes.

Once you have the required finances, you can grow and open other shops. The diversity of products and services in your café makes consumers happy and more engaged.

Internet Cafe Simulator can be boring

If you’re familiar with games that take the form of simulators, then you’ll have a good idea of what to anticipate from this one. The absence of concrete direction in the game is actually beneficial to the mechanisms that are already in place since it gives you a sense of accomplishment when you figure out what works and does not work. While you engage in gameplay, the low-quality, somewhat cartoon-like graphics can indeed be fascinating.

However, the core gameplay pattern eventually becomes boring. The game’s life mechanisms, for instance, detract from the Internet Café Simulator experience which helps in reducing boredom.

After you have carried out a few upgrades in your Internet Cafe, the game becomes so simple and the boredom intensifies before you know it you completely lose interest in the gameplay and you do not want to come back.

Bugs also make the game less fun after you played for some days. You may lose money buying stuff in this simulator game due to glitches that won’t be delivered to your Cargo for pickup. NPCs to walk over walls, become stuck, or completely ignore the services that you offer.

Bugs have rendered the game unusable for certain players. Some NPCs wouldn’t engage in and buy your products thereby making money unattainable.

Despite flaws, the developers have really tried by providing updates many times that fixed minor bugs here and there. It is important to mention these issues because as a gamer knowing what to expect before playing any game helps you know what to expect.


Internet Café Simulator is a brief, pleasant game with a few odd issues and a lack of gameplay direction. We wanted the game to emphasize café mechanics above what was provided already. The game is simple and doesn’t needs continuous effort.

As mentioned earlier, Internet Cafe Simulator involves managing a complex workplace and interacting with many people. Expand your cafe with in-app purchases and incentives.

You pay rent for your cafe and serve people. Expand into cryptocurrency if you desire.

Internet Cafe Simulator’s many apps are its best feature. You can fail or succeed. It’s worth downloading despite issues.

Graphics are good, however, the game often lags. The goal of the game is to establish the best cafe, however, the gameplay never improves.

What's Mod: Internet Cafe Simulator

Unlimited Money

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