Indian Local Train Simulator Mod Apk V2023.4 (Unlimited Money)
Indian Local Train Simulator Mod Apk V2023.4 (Unlimited Money)

Indian Local Train Simulator APK + MOD Unlimited Money v2023.0.15

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Overview Information

Name Indian Local Train Simulator
Package com.HighbrowInteractive.IndianLocalTrainSim
Publisher Highbrow Interactive
Category Simulation
Version 2023.0.15
Size 131 MB
Requires Android 6.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Updated On
Mumbai & Chennai Suburban routes added!

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Indian Local Train Simulator Mod Apk is another simulation game that lets you drive in the world of India so do not expect to play around with super sophisticated trains that are found in Japan.

The game is in 3D and comes in many Views which affects the gaming controls. When you set the camera to look at the outside of the train, you can easily control the direction of the train by swiping left or right in order to turn left or right respectively. To regulate the speed of the train all you need to do is to use the throttles located on the right and left for acceleration and braking respectively.

Link all the carriages and travel the tracks from one station to another to pick up more passengers. As you gradually progress in the game, you unlock new trains, tracks, and locations so that you can even travel long distances to pick up passengers.

Indian Local Train Simulator Mod Apk is without a doubt a fun game that gives you a realistic experience of driving a train.

Description of Indian Local Train Simulator Mod Apk

Indian Local Train Simulator Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

This game simulates driving Indian trains in a very realistic manner. You get the chance to drive on many routes including the city of Mumbai and Madras. Indian Local Train Simulator is also a fun way to drive a train on your Android phone. You can easily complete tasks and objectives by driving in various routes and weather conditions. There are two gaming modes which are the career mode and  Both game modes offer different spectacular driving experiences. But I like the  Career mode more because it challenges you to play a variety of missions in different chapters. This mode will basically familiarize you with Indian trains, stations, and routes because I think the game tries to grab the actual train environment that is available in the big cities of India like Mumbai. The Drive mode is basically a cruise mode where you just drive around various routes and feed your eyes with the environments that is been depicted by the clean graphics

Amazing Train game

Indian Local Train Simulator Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Google Play constantly has something new for train and simulator fans and this train game is just one of the hundreds found in the store. Highbrow Interactive is the biggest train simulation developer because that is what they specialize in and they have 11 different train games Indian Local Train Simulator is their latest game worth a look.

Indian Local Train Simulator is an immersive Android train simulation game.

with Superb graphics, realistic Indian routes, stations, and scenarios.


This is not the first Higbrow Interactive train game that I have played and praised.  Indian Local Train Simulator, which is enjoyable and hard to put down, is no exception.

The game’s main menu offers two gameplay options. If you’ve never played the game before, career mode is the best way to learn.

Indian Local Train Simulator lets you customize train type, route, weather, and schedule. Quick play is excellent if you want to pick up and play without manipulating the settings.

You control your train and everything that occurs to it, but track alterations and speed limits must be considered as they are all regulated. For example, you must maintain your battery when speeding else you won’t reach your destination. The next thing to watch out for is the brake temperature.

Features of Indian Local Train Simulator

Indian Local Train Simulator has a lot of new features when compares to other train simulator games.

You can inspect your passengers and the train by manipulating the camera settings.

This feature makes the game more immersive, which I believe is great.

Indian Local Train Simulator also has a detailed landscape, numerous camera perspectives (driver, above, Birdseye, orbit, passenger), and a very useful message system with is typical in trains.

  1. Realistic Train Simulation: Indian Local Train Simulator delivers a highly realistic train simulation experience. From the controls and physics to the sound effects and train behavior, the game aims to recreate the authentic feel of operating a local train in India.
  2. Various Train Routes and Stations: The game features a wide range of train routes and stations inspired by real-life locations in India. From bustling metropolitan areas to serene countryside routes, you’ll have the opportunity to explore and navigate through different environments.
  3. Customization Options: Indian Local Train Simulator allows you to customize your train with different colors and liveries. Personalize your train to make it stand out as you traverse the tracks.
  4. Passenger and Cargo Management: Experience the responsibilities of a train operator by managing passenger traffic and cargo. Ensure a smooth boarding and alighting process for passengers while keeping track of cargo and its timely delivery.

Graphics and User Experience

Indian Local Train Simulator boasts visually appealing graphics that depict the Indian train landscape in detail. The game strives to provide a realistic user experience with intuitive controls, authentic train sounds, and immersive visuals. Whether you’re a train enthusiast or a casual gamer, the graphics and user interface will captivate you throughout your train operating journey.

Tips and Strategies

  • Familiarize yourself with the controls: Spend time understanding the various controls and functions of the train to ensure smooth operation.
  • Follow safety protocols: Adhere to safety protocols and signals to maintain a safe and efficient train operation.
  • Manage time effectively: Keep track of schedules and manage your time efficiently to ensure timely arrivals and departures.

Indian Local Train Simulator Mod Apk offers Value

Google Play offers Indian Local Train Simulator for free with ads. I found them unobtrusive because I wasn’t interrupted when I was playing the game but you get one or two ads when you completed a mission.

It’s a fun way to explore Mumbai as a train driver and offers realism that’s rare on mobile devices.


Indian Train Simulator is the most entertaining game on the Android Market and it is free to download there are microtransactions but even if you don’t buy any you can progress in the game. This game, available on Google Play Store, simulates train travels across India’s beautiful landscape. Train Simulator lets you transport passengers, boats, freight trains, vessels, high-speed trains, and other engines realistically. You can even choose your track line. It’s excellent for people who want to experience India by playing one of these free online Train Simulator Games.

The realistic graphics, music, and Indian railway simulation will amaze you. While simulating the Indian rail network, you can hear an engine or passing trains. As you learn more about the train system, you can become a Train Master and unlock new train routes.


Can I play Indian Local Train Simulator offline?

Yes, Indian Local Train Simulator can be played offline. However, certain features may require an internet connection, such as online multiplayer or downloading additional content.

Is Indian Local Train Simulator available for both Android and iOS?

Yes, Indian Local Train Simulator is available for download on both Android and iOS platforms.

Are there in-app purchases in Indian Local Train Simulator?

Yes, Indian Local Train Simulator offers in-app purchases that provide additional content and enhancements. However, the game can be enjoyed without making any purchases.

Can I drive different types of trains in Indian Local Train Simulator?

Yes, Indian Local Train Simulator offers a variety of train types, including local trains, express trains, and more. Each train type presents its own unique challenges and experiences.

Are there regular updates and new content in Indian Local Train Simulator?

Yes, the developers of Indian Local Train Simulator regularly release updates that introduce new content, features, and improvements to enhance the gameplay experience.

What's Latest New

Improvements to HUD to help in driving
Improvements to Reward Screen
Performance optimization and size reduction
Bug fixes

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