Idle Magic School Mod Apk v2.6.5 (Unlimited Money)
Idle Magic School Mod Apk v2.6.5 (Unlimited Money)

Idle Magic School APK + MOD Unlimited Money v2.6.5

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Overview Information

Name Idle Magic School
Package com.IdleMagicSchool.jlyt
Publisher Longames
Category Simulation
Version 2.6.5
Size 205.93 MB
Requires Android 5.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Updated On
Come join us to build and manage your own magic school!

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The last idle game I played just some days ago was Used Car Tycoon and I enjoyed it. I have criticized Idle games because I didn’t like most of them because they are all repetitive. However, I changed my opinion after trying out Used Car Tycoon and Idle Magic School Mod Apk. Not all idle games are terrible even though they are all repetitive. Some days back I spent some of my time looking through many of these idle games on Google Play Store before finding the few I like because I never give up.

If you are searching for a big hit game then I recommend you quit reading and check our recommended games instead.

But if you’re like me and always looking for a decent mobile game that you want to kill some boring mins at work, here is my take on this game that surprised me.

Longames is the developer that created Idle Magic School. This simulation game has quite interesting gameplay where you build a magic school for students to attend, grow, and become dragon warriors. The gameplay is somewhat comparable to Harry Potter. Since it is an idle game it means the gameplay won’t be difficult to play. Yeah, that is the gimmick of the genre. As you play the game you earn money which you can use to invest in the school’s various structures in order to attract top wizards and make the magic school famous.

After completing various tasks, you earn “glory”, a form of currency that can be used to enroll more students in the magic school.

Description of Idle Magic School Mod Apk

The main goal of Idle Magic School Mod Apk is to create the best magical school ever. It would help if you carried out various activities such as employing the best wizard teachers, upgrading structures, advertising the school, etc., to achieve your main goal.

As you advance the game you will have to fight for mystical dominance, gather magical creatures, and hire famous wizards!

There are so many managerial aspects in this game that requires you to strategize and sequentially carry out tasks and upgrades to achieve your goals.

Are you sure you can Run a new magical school? Well, if you can, let’s see if you can make it the best place to learn the arcane arts! Manage the school’s daily operations, manage upgrades, and spend money wisely. The best way to promote the school is the hire the best wizards and witches to teach.

Idle Magic School is a beautiful idle game that lets players become headmasters and manage all the affairs of a magic school. Build and maintain your own magical school by improving classes, employing the best wizards/witches, building new structures, admitting new students, and helping them become Dragon Knights!

The game is very basic where you manage the dormitory and training, assign school resources wisely, and attract famous wizards in order for your magic school to gain popularity. Complete all the given tasks to grow the school operations. You can start by upgrading  Magic trees in order to produce fruits that boost star grades.

Gameplay and Features

Learn and Master Magical Spells

Embark on a journey of magical education as you learn a variety of spells and enchantments. From basic elemental spells to complex rituals, the game offers a wide range of magical abilities for you to discover and master.

Unlock and Upgrade Characters

Unlock a diverse cast of characters, each with unique magical talents and personalities. As you progress, you can upgrade their skills and unleash their full potential, making them formidable wizards in your magical academy.

Explore Enchanting Locations

Venture into enchanting locations within the magic school and beyond. Discover hidden chambers, ancient libraries, mystical forests, and other captivating environments, each brimming with secrets and opportunities for magical exploration.

Engage in Exciting Quests

Embark on thrilling quests and missions that will put your magical skills to the test. Solve puzzles, unravel mysteries, and overcome challenges to unlock valuable rewards and advance in your magical journey.

Compete in Magical Duels

Showcase your magical prowess in intense duels against other players or AI-controlled opponents. Strategize your spellcasting, combine magical elements, and outwit your opponents to emerge victorious and claim your place as a master wizard.

Earn Rewards and Achievements

As you progress in the game, you’ll earn various rewards, achievements, and magical artifacts. These rewards can be used to enhance your magical abilities, unlock new features, and decorate your magic school with enchanting decorations.

Customize Your Magic School

Personalize your magic school by decorating it with furniture, magical artifacts, and other captivating items. Create a unique and inviting environment that reflects your magical style and preferences.

Idle Magic School graphics

The game features 2D isometric graphics that are well rendered. I really liked  The style of the characters because they are well-drawn. Also the shape and color of the buildings are well-represented. People can navigate between menus thanks to the stylish and simple user interface. The overall  Vibrant colors create an energetic, joyful, and relaxing atmosphere. Thanks to the developers for creating such simple graphics.

The developers did well on the graphics why not on the sound too? The skillful arrangement and audio selection made the sounds blend perfectly. The sounds are of high-quality l and cheerful. Immersion is enhanced by special effects.

Tips and Strategies for Success

To excel in the world of Idle Magic School, here are a few tips and strategies to keep in mind:

  1. Master the Basics: Start by mastering the foundational spells and mechanics of the game. This will provide a solid base for your magical journey.
  2. Prioritize Upgrades: Allocate resources wisely and focus on upgrading your spells, characters, and school facilities to maximize your progress.
  3. Complete Daily Quests: Take advantage of daily quests and challenges to earn additional rewards and experience points.
  4. Join a Guild: Joining a guild allows you to connect with other players, share strategies, and participate in cooperative activities.
  5. Participate in Events: Keep an eye out for special events within the game. They often offer unique rewards and exciting gameplay opportunities.

How to Download and Install Idle Magic School

  1. Enable Unknown Sources: Before downloading the Idle Magic School Mod Apk, ensure that your device allows installation from unknown sources. Go to your device’s Settings, then Security or Privacy, and enable the “Unknown Sources” option.
  2. Download the Mod Apk: Visit a trusted website or forum that provides the Idle Magic School Mod Apk file. Download the latest version of the Mod Apk to your device.
  3. Locate the Apk File: Once the download is complete, locate the downloaded Apk file in your device’s file manager or notification panel.
  4. Install the Mod Apk: Tap on the Apk file to begin the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions and grant any necessary permissions.
  5. Launch Idle Magic School: After the installation is complete, locate the Idle Magic School icon on your device’s home screen or app drawer. Tap on the icon to launch the game and start your magical adventure.


Idle Magic School Mod Apk offers an immersive and magical gaming experience for enthusiasts of the wizarding world. With its captivating gameplay, spellcasting mechanics, enchanting locations, and exciting quests, the game allows players to unleash their inner wizard and embark on a thrilling magical journey. Download Idle Magic School Mod Apk today and step into a world where spells and sorcery await.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I play Idle Magic School Mod Apk offline?

Yes, Idle Magic School Mod Apk can be played offline. However, certain features and multiplayer aspects may require an internet connection.

Are there in-app purchases in Idle Magic School Mod Apk?

As a modded version, Idle Magic School Mod Apk may offer free access to in-app purchases or provide unlimited resources. However, it’s important to note that modded versions can vary, so it’s recommended to check the specific features of the Mod Apk before downloading.

Can I synchronize my progress in Idle Magic School Mod Apk across multiple devices?

Synchronizing game progress across devices may not be possible with modded versions. It’s best to assume that progress in the Mod Apk is independent of the original game.

What are the system requirements for Idle Magic School Mod Apk?

The system requirements for Idle Magic School Mod Apk may vary depending on the version and modifications. However, most modern smartphones running Android or iOS should be compatible with the game.

Is there a risk of getting banned while using Idle Magic School Mod Apk?

Modded versions of games often come with a risk of being banned, as they violate the terms and conditions set by the developers. It’s recommended to use modded Apks at your own discretion and be aware of the potential consequences.

What's Mod: Idle Magic School

Unlimited holy water/magic fruit

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