Idle Girls Mod Apk v1.94 (Free purchase/Premium Unlocked)
Idle Girls Mod Apk v1.94 (Free purchase/Premium Unlocked)

Idle Girls APK + MOD Free purchase v1.94

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Overview Information

Name Idle Girls
Package com.amrita.girlsidle
Publisher Amrita Studio
Category Games
Version 1.94
Size 175.48 MB
Requires Android 5.1
MOD Features Free purchase
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Welcome to the best clicker game! Tap and click to improve Girl Idle Hotel

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Be warned, this game is for 16+ years old only. Idle Girls Mod Apk is an adu*lt game that lets you run a hotel full of gorgeous women. The whole idea of the gameplay involves flirting and waiting for girls to give you “kisses” which also serve as the currency and the more kisses you get the more you level up. After collecting enough, you get the chance to access a new room with a different hot girl or an entirely new hotel building.

Gradually you progress in the game as you play but sometimes progression may stall as such you can easily shut the hotel for the night and start over again. This resets all areas and gives you “hearts” which serve as another currency.

There are a bunch of mini-games that you can play and this includes a dating game where you must answer the questions of the girl correctly in order to seduce her, there is also a card guessing game, and a slot machine where you can win random prizes.

Description of Idle Girls Mod Apk

This game from Amrita Studio is another idle simulation game. This game developer is popular for developing Choose your Star but this time around they want to push a game that has some adult themes. Idle Girls lets you interact with beautiful girls. I mean Who wouldn’t want to dream of a fantasy luxury hotel where gorgeous girls live and can tell you fascinating tales about their lives or perhaps even reveal the most intimate tales just by clicking buttons? Who wouldn’t want to snoop on their lives,  flirt, or even gain experience communicating with real girls by showering virtual ones with compliments and gift items? You can Dream and relax in this free simulation game.

Idle Girls Mod Apk is a clicker game specifically created for men with an amazing virtual world, and a dynamic, bright, but simple and understandable storyline that features a variety of hot girls. All actions and storylines take place in a virtual luxury hotel, where you first meet the hero-hostess and then help her improve the hotel by buying new tiles, curtains, cushions, etc. How can you do that? You simply  Tap the rooms and make all the changes. You can then easily meet three lovely girls, Kira, Anriana, and Aurora in these hotel rooms, and start flirting with them.

You can watch these hot girls dance, take care of themselves, or give them gifts such as luxury clothes, teddy bears, champagne other items by tapping and receiving kisses, hearts, or hot photos in return. Because each woman has a story—her age, weight, height, shape, interests, and life goals—you can get to know them better when you chat. Learn more about the women and choose one to talk to. Chat with these virtual girls as if it is in real life. In fact, if you are having a hard time talking to girls in real life this game might help you improve to some extent.

Features of Idle Girls Mod Apk

  1. Character Collection: Discover and collect a wide array of unique and adorable characters, each with their own distinct personalities, stories, and abilities.
  2. Idle Progression: The game offers idle progression, allowing players to accumulate resources and make progress even when they are not actively playing the game.
  3. Upgrade and Evolve: Enhance your characters’ skills, abilities, and appearances through upgrades and evolution mechanics, making them more powerful and visually appealing.
  4. Resource Management: Strategically manage resources such as gold, gems, and energy to optimize character progression and unlock new features within the game.
  5. Engaging Quests and Challenges: Complete quests and challenges to earn valuable rewards and advance through the game’s storyline.
  6. Mini-Games and Activities: Enjoy a variety of entertaining mini-games and activities within “Idle Girls” to earn additional rewards and engage with the characters in unique ways.
  7. Stunning Visuals and Artwork: Immerse yourself in the visually captivating world of “Idle Girls” with its stunning artwork, charming character designs, and vibrant environments.
  8. Community and Social Features: Connect with other players, join guilds or clans, and participate in cooperative gameplay elements to enhance the social aspect of the game.

Interesting game

Idle Girls Mod Apk (Free purchase/ premium Unlocked)

Tap various rooms to meet new interesting girls. Snooping on attractive girls. You can tap on the photos and full information about the girl you like and even gather a puzzle about a cute girl’s character and hobbies. This Adult tycoon game is simple and fun. The auto-tapper UI makes the game easy and fun to play. Like I said earlier this game will increase your chance to talk to girls in real life. It is a cool clicker game that serves as a  practice for talking to girls.

In order to fully enjoy the game, there are in-app purchases that you have to make. Buying upgrades and extensions can drastically improve the hotel and help the hostess improve her favorite place.

Idle Girls is more than just an auto-clicker game for men. This is an intriguing world of virtual dating and pleasant chats with girls in a virtual hotel. Download the game and enjoy. You can play both online and offline. 

The graphics of the characters are top-notch. All the girls are hot and the sound blends well with the gameplay.

This game features hot girls and adult chats so it is is only good for adults or kids over 16 years old.

How to Play Idle Girls Mod Apk

Getting started with “Idle Girls” is simple and easy. Follow these steps to begin your journey:

  1. Download and Install: Search for “Idle Girls” on your device’s app store and download the game. Follow the on-screen instructions to install it.
  2. Create an Account: Launch the game and create a new account or log in with your existing account if applicable.
  3. Tutorial and Guided Gameplay: The game will provide a tutorial or guided gameplay to introduce you to the mechanics and features. Pay attention and follow the instructions to familiarize yourself with the game.
  4. Explore the Interface: Take some time to navigate through the different menus, options, and features of “Idle Girls” to understand its layout and functionality.
  5. Embark on the Adventure: Start your adventure by completing quests, collecting characters, and managing resources. Progress through the game at your own pace and enjoy the idle progression mechanics.

Tips and Strategies for Playing Idle Girls Mod Apk

To excel in “Idle Girls” and maximize your progress, consider the following tips and strategies:

  1. Manage Resources Wisely: Keep a close eye on your resources and prioritize their usage based on your current goals and objectives.
  2. Focus on Character Upgrades: Allocate resources towards upgrading and evolving your characters. Strengthening their abilities will help you progress further in the game.
  3. Complete Daily Tasks: Log in daily and complete the assigned tasks to earn rewards and bonuses that will aid in your progression.
  4. Participate in Events: Take part in special events and limited-time activities to earn exclusive rewards and unlock rare characters.
  5. Join a Guild or Clan: Connect with other players by joining a guild or clan. Collaborate, share strategies, and enjoy the social aspect of the game.


“Idle Girls” offers an enchanting and relaxing gaming experience filled with delightful characters, captivating visuals, and engaging gameplay mechanics. With its idle progression system, resource management, and exciting quests, the game provides hours of entertainment for players seeking a casual and enjoyable gaming adventure. Embark on a journey with “Idle Girls” today and experience the charm of this unique idle game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I play “Idle Girls” on multiple devices?

Yes, “Idle Girls” often allows players to synchronize their progress across multiple devices, enabling seamless gameplay experiences.

Are there any age restrictions for playing “Idle Girls”?

“Idle Girls” is suitable for players of all ages. However, it’s always advisable to review the game’s rating and content to ensure it aligns with your preferences and any age restrictions in your region.

Does “Idle Girls” require an internet connection to play?

“Idle Girls” may require an internet connection to download updates, synchronize progress, or access certain online features. However, it may also offer offline gameplay modes.

Are there any social features in “Idle Girls”?

Yes, “Idle Girls” provides various social features, such as guilds or clans, where players can interact, cooperate, and enjoy a sense of community within the game.

Does “Idle Girls” receive regular updates and new content?

The developers of “Idle Girls” often release updates that introduce new features, characters, events, and improvements to enhance the overall gameplay experience.

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