Broken Dawn Tempest Mod Apk V1.3.4 (Unlimited money)
Broken Dawn Tempest Mod Apk V1.3.4 (Unlimited money)

Broken Dawn:Tempest HD APK + MOD Unlimited money, energy v1.3.4

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Overview Information

Name Broken Dawn:Tempest HD
Publisher Hummingbird Mobile Games
Category Action
Version 1.3.4
Size 57.85 MB
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Features Unlimited money, energy
Updated On
Broken Dawn:Tempest is an ARPG shooter.

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Broken Dawn Tempest Mod Apk is another fun zombie game. This Zombie action game puts you in a position where you must use your strategy and abilities in order to eradicate all the zombies and save the world. Your goal is to kill all the zombies and  Find the antidote so that you can cure the infected ones. The zombie apocalypse is caused by a volatile hybrid virus released from a research lab.

Killing all zombies in each stage is your goal in this action-packed game. To kill them, you need to aim and shoot, taking into mind their weak places. To survive, you’ll need to improve your aim, precision, and firing speed as the zombies get faster and more powerful. Also, you must lay down strategies and buy more sophisticated weapons.

keep in mind that the zombies get more intelligent, stronger, and hungrier as you get closer to a cure. Try to complete all objectives and aims to get benefits that will help you fight the zombie hordes.

Description of Broken Dawn Tempest Mod Apk

The game is not typical of the FPS zombie gameplay that we are all familiar with instead it offers a clean bird eye perspective. The broken Dawn Tempest Mod Apk storyline resembles most of these Zombie games.  You’re a lone survivor trying to survive the Zombie apocalypse and find a cure. The tale is dull and uninteresting but what matters is the gameplay mechanics and graphics which are not that bad at all.

However, Broken Dawn Tempest’s gameplay is functional yet missing a lot. The game is no better than other FPS zombi games, because FPS is now a thing. The controls are awkward, and while there is a joystick for movement, you must touch the screen to see and aim.

The difficulty with this technique is that the on-screen button used to fire, reload, or point down the sights takes up a lot of room, so you may accidentally fire your gun. Early levels provide you with an assault weapon to fight zombies. Still, the game rapidly displays the in-app purchase strategy by not giving you a chance to use sophisticated guns and forcing you to buy them at exorbitant prices.

In Broken Dawn Tempest, more weapons cost a lot of money, and the shortcut to get money is even more tedious because there are several currencies to buy different stuff. Dead Trigger is an extreme example of in-app purchases that ruin the game. But when you download Broken Dawn Tempest Mod Apk Unlimited Money you won’t have to worry about that anymore.

The gaming graphics and effects are outstanding. It’s one of Android’s prettiest games. Depending on your device’s size, Broken Dawn T empest Mod Apkhas enough details. The environments are repetitious, yet it’s hard to understand everything.

Dead Trigger has many nice features, but its too aggressive commercialization makes it annoying.

Simple gameplay

In Broken Dawn Tempest Mod Apk you are the only survivor in a zombie-infested city. Your only goal is to survive in a zombie by killing them. Survival requires you to develop strategies, buy sophisticated weapons, and lead a group of survivors until you find the source of the hybrid virus that was voluntarily released to the city.

Survival is the major objective of your game. Weapons, armor, and other resources can help you do this. Explore the environment, meet survivors, and ask for help.

What's Mod: Broken Dawn:Tempest HD

Unlimited money, energy

What's Latest New

.Corrected an issue which caused crashing
.Reduce permissions
.Support for x86 devices
.Fixed some bugs

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