Block Gun Mod APK V9.3 (Free Shopping)
Block Gun Mod APK V9.3 (Free Shopping)

Block Gun 3D: FPS Shooter PvP APK + MOD Free Shopping v9.3

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4.5/5 - (4 votes)

Overview Information

Name Block Gun 3D: FPS Shooter PvP
Package com.hazmob.blockstrikefps
Publisher Sirius Games Yazılım Anonim Şirketi
Category Action
Version 9.3
Size 90 MB
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Free Shopping
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Block Gun Mod Apk is a Minecraft-like First-person-shooter (FPS) game. In this game, you get involved in an online battle with your friends or random people. The real-time PVP...

4.5/5 - (4 votes)

Block Gun Mod Apk is a Minecraft-like First-person-shooter (FPS) game. In this game, you get involved in an online battle with your friends or random people. The real-time PVP game mode is a violent team-based battle that will challenge your shooting and ducking abilities.

Block Gun plays like any other FPS. You basically have full control of your character movement by using the left joystick and you can change the camera perspective by just swiping. When you target adversity your gun automatically shoots. You can pick up a variety of weapons and ammunition as you play in the game.

There are different game modes such as online PVP, tactical squad action, and single-player mode. In the Single-player mode, you battle AI players and there is also a zombie mode where your goal is to eliminate and withstand an infinite barrage of zombies.

This game delivers intense, real-time FPS combat where teamwork is very crucial.

Block Gun Gameplay

Minecraft-style games seem to be available in almost all genres. If a pixelated Minecraft game which features the cubic graphic style was accepted as an appealing graphic then why not create different varieties of look-alike games based on the concept? Wrong! Nowadays developers offer such graphics as just an excuse to make an inexpensive game. Well, this is still not wrong provided that the gameplay is engaging. The problem sets in when the gameplay is boring.

Block Gun Mod APK Unlimited Money has gameplay that is comparable to popular games like Fortnite but in an awkward way because the gameplay is tedious and will likely turn you off after a few hours of playing.

In this Tactical online shooter game, you explore a 3D grid-based open environment. Different environments like Mansions, forests, industrial areas, and so on.

You’ll encounter other players while exploring and your goal is to shoot to kill and survive till the very end of the battle. 

Unlock or pick up a variety of weapons but the good thing is that you can not upgrade them so everyone has the same gun capabilities the only problem is are you using the strongest one? Strategies and shoot down the other players and save your teammates too. Duck and shoot. Gather ammunition and a health pack for your survival.

You can choose from two major game modes. Each game mode is unique. For example, the multiplayer PVP mode pits you and your team against other players and lets you fight on a random map until the last man standing survives and declares a winner.

Single-player modes on the other hand add action-based gameplay that impacts your character only. You’ll need health packs and a working strategy in order to survive the attacks from other players 

The good thing about the team multiplayer mode is that it allows you to collaborate. You can also create clans.

Features of Block Gun Mod APK

  1. Unlimited Ammo: With Block Gun Mod APK, players have access to unlimited ammunition, eliminating the need to worry about running out of bullets during intense battles. This feature allows you to focus on the action and strategize without the constant concern of ammunition conservation.
  2. Exciting Game Modes: Block Gun Mod APK introduces exciting game modes that bring variety and challenges to your gaming sessions. Whether it’s a fast-paced deathmatch or a team-based battle, the modded version offers a range of game modes to cater to different play styles and preferences.
  3. Customization Options: The modded version of Block Gun allows for extensive customization. You can personalize your character’s appearance, weapons, and gear to create a unique identity on the battlefield. Stand out from the crowd with your customized arsenal and show off your style.
  4. Enhanced Graphics: Block Gun Mod APK offers enhanced graphics that elevate the visual experience. Immerse yourself in detailed environments, realistic weapon designs, and smooth animations. The improved visuals make every shot and explosion more visually captivating and engaging.


In my humble opinion, Block Gun Mod Apk is one of the best FPS shooter games! with cartoonish graphics. Are you Ready for the challenge? Do you want to Play as a sniper and kill foes in Block Gun: FPS PVP Action- Online Shooting Games? If yes then download the game and step into the arena because hundreds of opponents await you.

Download the game and start playing it immediately. When set, you can choose one of the eight maps. Find and shoot rival players on the map. The More enemies killed, the better score. You know the most fun part is that you can play with 6 people in multiplayer and 4 in single-player.

Shoot all enemies to get the best score. Compete with peers to see who’s best.


Can I download Block Gun Mod APK on iOS devices?

No, mod APK files are primarily designed for Android devices. iOS users can explore official versions of the game available on the App Store.

Can I play online with the modded version of Block Gun?

The modded version of Block Gun may restrict online play to prevent unfair advantages. However, you can still enjoy the modded features in offline modes.

Is it possible to switch back to the original Block Gun game after installing the modded version?

Yes, you can uninstall the modded version and reinstall the original version of Block Gun from the Google Play Store to switch back to the official game.

Are mod APK files legal to use?

Mod APK files modify the original game, which may violate the terms of service set by the game’s developers. While using mod APK files is not illegal, it’s important to consider the potential risks and consequences.

How often are mod APK versions updated?

Mod APK versions are typically created by independent developers and may not receive regular updates like the official game. Therefore, it’s important to choose a modded version that is relatively up-to-date to ensure compatibility and stability.

What's Mod: Block Gun 3D: FPS Shooter PvP

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4.5/5 - (4 votes)
4.5/5 (4 votes)

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