Bike Hop Mod Apk V1.0.84 (Unlimited Money)
Bike Hop Mod Apk V1.0.84 (Unlimited Money)

Bike Hop: Crazy BMX Bike Jump APK + MOD Unlimited Money v1.0.84

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Overview Information

Name Bike Hop: Crazy BMX Bike Jump
Package bike.hop.fall
Publisher Casual Azur Games
Category Arcade
Version 1.0.84
Size 60.69 MB
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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Perform stunts and tricks on your bike! Try to get as far as possible!

5/5 - (1 vote)

I played Bike Hop Mod APK yesterday for some hours and I really enjoyed it. 2-3 hours of fun but the truth must be told. Read my take below.

If you want to bike while you jump crazily in the sky or you want to travel the world while flying in the sky with a bike then download this game and feel the experience.

In this game, you Jump off a stunning ramp on your bike and use a jetpack to even go higher before you land on the ground. The whole idea is to accumulate the highest score which corresponds to the distance that you traveled in the air.

Your singular goal is to Fly as far as you can, whirling and performing some dangerous freestyles.

When do you think this madness stops? ! this is only the beginning.  See how far you can travel in the air. Play again and again till you can not beat your own score.

Description of Bike Hop Mod Apk

Bike Jump is a straightforward arcade game where you drive different types of bikes and run as fast as you can toward a steep ramp so that you can fly high in the air. You can basically extend your flight time and height with the help of jetpacks. There are different environments where you can play including the street, beach, park, and so on.

Bike Jump Mod Apk gameplay and controls are very simple. For the controls, all you need to do is tap the screen to accelerate your bike and double tab to activate the booster of your Jetpack. the more you tab the more you accelerate so you just have to keep on tapping til you reach the highest height possible.

You’ll get money according to the height you jump and you can use this money to buy a new bike or upgrade the existing one. You can also use this money to buy different types of jetpacks and skins for your bike and jetpack. Play and beat your score and move to the next level. Challenge yourself and kill the time at work.

The graphics are cartoonish and clean.

To maximize the speed of your bike then you must buy a powerful jetpack! More levels and points are unlocked as you advance the game. But truth must be told this game is very simple and you will get bored of it after playing for some hours because of the lack of engaging content. I played it for 3hrs which I enjoyed initially but now I don’t think I will play it again. It is not challenging.

Lastly, the ads in this game are very annoying and it keeps on pooping between games. So annoying.

Gameplay and Features

Bike Hop offers a range of features that make it an enjoyable gaming experience. Let’s explore some of its key features:

  1. Unique Bike Designs: Bike Hop features a variety of bikes with unique designs and characteristics. From classic bikes to futuristic models, each bike adds a different flavor to the gameplay and allows for personalization.
  2. Challenging Levels: The game presents a series of challenging levels with different obstacles and terrains. From ramps and platforms to spinning wheels and moving objects, each level requires precise timing and control to overcome.
  3. Smooth Controls: Bike Hop provides smooth and responsive controls, allowing players to navigate through the levels with ease. The intuitive touch-based controls make it accessible for players of all ages.
  4. Power-ups and Upgrades: Throughout the game, players can collect power-ups and coins. Power-ups provide temporary boosts, such as extra speed or invincibility, while coins can be used to upgrade bikes and unlock new features.

Tips and Tricks For Playing Bike Hop

To improve your performance in Bike Hop, consider the following tips and tricks:

  1. Mastering the Physics: Understanding the physics of the game is crucial. Pay attention to the bike’s momentum, weight distribution, and landing techniques to perform smooth jumps and avoid crashes.
  2. Timing Your Jumps: Timing is everything in Bike Hop. Wait for the right moment to initiate your jumps, as mistimed jumps can lead to falls or missed platforms.
  3. Collecting Coins: Collecting coins allows you to upgrade your bike and unlock new features. Aim to collect as many coins as possible during your jumps to progress faster in the game.
  4. Upgrading Your Bike: Use the collected coins to upgrade your bike’s attributes, such as speed, acceleration, and stability. Upgraded bikes can help you overcome more challenging levels with ease.

Mod Features and Benefits

The mod version of Bike Hop offers additional features and benefits that enhance the gameplay experience. Some of the key mod features include:

  1. Unlimited Coins: The mod version provides unlimited coins, allowing you to upgrade your bike and unlock new features without worrying about running out of in-game currency.
  2. Unlocked Bikes: With the mod version, all bikes are unlocked from the start, giving you access to a wide range of bike designs and capabilities.
  3. Ad-Free Experience: The mod version removes all ads, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted gaming experience.

How to Install Bike Hop Mod Apk

To install the Bike Hop mod apk on your Android device, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Bike Hop mod apk file from a trusted source.
  2. Enable installation from unknown sources in your device settings.
  3. Locate the downloaded apk file and tap on it to start the installation process.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  5. Once installed, launch the game and enjoy the modded version with its added benefits.


Bike Hop is a thrilling mobile game that combines biking, jumping, and challenging obstacles to create an engaging experience. With its unique features, smooth controls, and addictive gameplay, Bike Hop keeps players entertained for hours. The mod version of Bike Hop provides added benefits, such as unlimited coins, unlocked bikes, and an ad-free experience, further enhancing the gaming adventure.


Can I download the Bike Hop mod apk on iOS devices?

No, mod apk files are generally available for Android devices. iOS users can explore alternative options or official versions of the game on the App Store.

Can I sync my progress in the modded version with the original version of Bike Hop?

No, the modded version of Bike Hop is separate from the original version, and progress made in one version does not carry over to the other.

Can I switch back to the original version of Bike Hop after using the modded version?

Yes, you can uninstall the modded version and install the original version of Bike Hop from the app store to switch back to the official version.

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5/5 (1 votes)

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